The Minor Program in Philosophy

Graduating StudentsDeepen your understanding of your major field of studies!

The aim of the Minor Program in Philosophy is to provide non-majors an opportunity to deepen their appreciation and understanding of their chosen fields by pursuing complementary philosophical studies beyond the University Core Course requirement [PHIL 160, 220, 320-330]. Students are invited to select courses from a broad range of offerings, including majors courses in the History Sequence and a large number of rotating electives, which connect with issues and concerns raised in their own major fields. The Minor Program Advisor is available to discuss course options and to assist you in selecting appropriate courses.


Six courses in Philosophy, four of which must be upper-division courses.

Required Core Courses in Philosophy [PHIL 160, 220, 320, 330] may be counted towards the Minor.

Minors must maintain an average GPA of C [2.0] in their Philosophy courses.


PHIL 331 Political Philosophy
PHIL 365 Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 366 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 381 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 385 Modern Philosophy I
PHIL 398 01 Advanced Symbolic Logic
PHIL 398 02 The Ethical Brain
PHIL 421 Postmodernism
PHIL 481 Kant's Practical Philosophy

Minor Program Advisor: Dr. Eric Perl (acting for Dr. Erin Stackle who is on leave), Suite 3600, University Hall.

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