Thomas M. Ward

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., UCLA, 2011
M.Phil., Oxford, 2006

Thomas M. Ward

Specialties: Medieval Philosophy

Current Projects: a book on medieval hylomorphism, with special attention to Scotus's hylomorphism; three invited book chapters, on medieval theories of substance, on medieval views about the relations between matter and form, and on Scotus's doctrine of the Atonement; a paper on some connections between medieval and contemporary hylomorphism.

Selected Publications:

"Logic and Ontological Commitment: Vincent Ferrer's Theory of Natural Supposition," in Modern Views of Medieval Logic, ed. Benedikt Lowe et al., a special issue of Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie Medievales -- Bibliotheca, forthcoming.

"Animals, Animal Parts, and Hylomorphism: John Duns Scotus's Pluralism about Substantial Form," Journal of the History of Philosophy 15:4 (2012), pp. 531-558.

"Spinoza on the Essences of Modes," British Journal for the History of Philosophy 19:1 (2011), pp. 19-46.

"Relations without Forms: Some Consequences of Aquinas's Metaphysics of Relations," Vivarium 48:3-4 (2010), pp. 279-301.

Contact Information:

Phone: 310-338-4287