Brian Treanor

Associate Professor of Philosophy,
Taylor Chair in Philosophy,
Director, Environmental Studies Program,
Faculty Moderator, Philosophy Society

Brian TreanorPh.D., Boston College, 2001

Specialties: Continental Philosophy (Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Existentialism), Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Environmental Philosophy

Special Interests: The intersections of continental philosophy and theology; hermeneutics and narrative; virtue ethics.

Current Projects: Current research, under the auspices of the Taylor Chair, focuses on the role of our material constitution -- embodiment, the physical world, and so on -- in shaping and delimiting our hermeneutic horizons. This work will take form in a series of articles and in an edited book that builds on the presentations and conversations about "the human place in the natural world" that took place at the 2012 meeting of the Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology which met at LMU. I'm also co-editing a special journal issue on "the sustainable city." Finally, in addition these various book-length projects, I'm working on an article on hermeneutics and the elements, on another on a virtue-theory approach to food, on an essay on hermeneutics and the environment for Routledge, and, finally, an essay exploring the difference between avoiding evil and doing good.

Selected Publications:

Emplotting Virtue: A Narrative Approach to Environmental Virtue Ethics (NY: SUNY Press, forthcoming).

Interpreting Nature: The Emerging Field of Environmental Hermeneutics, co-edited with Forrest Clingerman, Martin Drenthen, and David Utsler (NY: Fordham University Press, 2013).

A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur, co-edited with Henry Isaac Venema [NY: Fordham University Press, 2010].

Aspects of Alterity: Levinas, Marcel and the Contemporary Debate [NY: Fordham University Press, 2006].

"Putting Hospitality in Its Place," in Phenomenologies of the Stranger: Between Hostility and Hospitality, Richard Kearney and Kascha Semon, eds. (NY: Fordham University Press, 2011).

"The Anatheistic Wager: Faith After Faith," Religion and the Arts, Vol. 14 (2010).

"Emplotting Virtue," in A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur, Brian Treanor and Henry Isaac Venema, eds. (NY: Fordham University Press, 2010).

"How Much More than Possible?", with Henry Isaac Venema, in A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur, Brian Treanor and Henry Isaac Venema, eds. (NY: Fordham University Press, 2010).

"High Aspirations: Climbing and Self-Cultivation," in Climbing: Philosophy for Everyone, Stephen Schmid, ed. (Malden and Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010).

"Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen and Yet Believe," Analecta Hermeneutica, Vol. 2, forthcoming in 2010.

"Environmentalism and Public Virtue," in Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 23, No. 1 (2010). Reprinted in Virtue Ethics and the Environment, Philip Cafaro and Ronald Sandler, eds. (Springer, 2010), 9-28.

"What Tradition? Whose Archive?: Blogging, Googlewashing and the Digitalization of the Archive," Analecta Hermeneutica, Vol. 1, 2009.

"Embodied Ears: Being in the World and Hearing the Other," in Words of Life: New Theological Turns in French Phenomenology [NY: Fordham University Press, 2009].

“Phronesis With a Phronimos: Narrative Environmental Ethics,” in Environmental Ethics, Vol. 30, No. 4, 2008.

“Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder,” in Transforming Philosophy and Religion: Love’s Wisdom, eds. Bruce Benson and Norman Wirzba [Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press, 2008].

Contact Information:

University Hall 3639
Phone: 310-338-3711