Daniel Speak

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Chair, Department of Philosophy (May 2011 - May 2015)

Daniel Speak Ph.D., University of California Riverside,

Specialties: Metaphysics (esp. of the free will), Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Current Projects: Making the world safe(r) for incompatibilist free will, causing even more trouble for Molinism, forcing philosophers to think and write about the relationship between free will and theistic belief, expanding the conception of public reason.

Selected Publications:

The Problem of Evil in press [Polity Press, Key Concepts in Philosophy Series]

"On the Possibility of Making Even More Sense of Freedom and Responsibility." Philosophical Studies, December 2012.

"Free Will and Soul-Making Theodicies." 2013. The Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil. Edited by Howard-Snyder and McBrayer. Blackwell.

"Libertarianism, Luck, and Gift." The Modern Schoolman (now Res Philosophica) 88(1/2): 29-49, 2012.

"The Consequence of Argument Revisited." 2011. The Oxford Handbook of Free Will. Edited by Robert Kane. Oxford University Press.

"Leading the Way," The Journal of Ethics, 12: 123-128, May 2008 (Guest editorial introduction to a special volume of the journal dedicated to the work of John Fischer).

“The Impertinence of Frankfurt-style Argument,” The Philosophical Quarterly 57(226): 76-95, Jan 2007.

“Salvation Without Belief,” Religious Studies, vol. 43, issue 02, 229-236, 2007.

Contact Information:
Email: dspeak@lmu.edu