Mark D. Morelli

Professor of Philosophy

Acting Director, Graduate Program (May 2015 - August 2015)
TOP Program Coordinator

Director of the Los Angeles Lonergan Center at LMU

Mark MorelliPh.D., University of Toronto, 1979

Lonergan Fellow, Boston College, 2006 & 2009

Specialties: Lonergan, Hegel, Plato

Current Projects: Recently completed a book, Self-Possession: Being at Home in Conscious Performance; working on a second volume, Ongoing Self-Possession: The High Drama. Ongoing research: "Platonic Digressions"; Lonergan's Relationship to Hegel.

Selected Publications:

Self-Possession: Being at Home in Conscious Performance [Chestnut Hill, MA: Lonergan Institute at Boston College, 2015].

"Lonergan's Reading of Hegel," American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 88, 3 (summer 2014): 513 - 534.

"La lectura lonerganiana de Hegel," Revista de Filosofia 135 (julio-diciembre 2013): 199 - 226.

"Meeting Hegel Halfway: The Intimate Complexity of Lonergan's Relation to Hegel," Invited Paper presented at the Conference on Lonergan, Philosophy, and Theology at Marquette University in March 1, 2012; web-published on Lonergan Resource (, 2012.

“Lonergan’s Debt to Hegel and the Appropriation of Critical Realism,” in Fifty Years of Insight, eds. Neil Ormerod Robin Koning, David Braithwate [Adelaide: ATF Theology, 2011]: 1-16.

"Consciousness Is Not Another Operation," Lonergan Workshop Journal 21, ed. Fred Lawrence. forthcoming, 2010.

"Lonergan's Debt to Hegel and the Appropriation of Critical Realism," ed. John Dadosky, Meaning and History in Systematic Theology [Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 2009]: 403-421.

At the Threshold of the Halfway House: A Study of Bernard Lonergan’s Encounter with John Alexander Stewart [Boston: Lonergan Institute at Boston College, 2008].

“Going Beyond Idealism: Lonergan’s Relation to Hegel,” Lonergan Workshop Journal 20, edited by Fred Lawrence [Boston: Lonergan Institute at Boston College, 2008]: 305-336.

“Obstacles to the Implementation of Lonergan’s Solution to the Contemporary Crisis of Meaning,” in The Importance of Insight, eds. Liptay and Liptay [Toronto: U of T Press, 2008].

“The Realist Response to Idealism in England and Lonergan’s Critical Realism,” Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies 20, 1 [2003].

"Lonergan's Unified Theory of Consciousness," Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies 18, 1 [2000].

"Authentication of Common Sense from Below Upwards: Mediating Self-correcting Folk Psychology," Lonergan Workshop Journal 15 [1999], ed. Fred Lawrence.

The Lonergan Reader, ed. with Elizabeth Murray [Toronto, London, New York: University of Toronto Press, 1997].

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"Reversing the Counter-position: Argumentum ad Hominem in Philosophic Dialogue," Lonergan Workshop Journal 6 [1986], ed. Fred Lawrence.

Philosophy's Place in Culture: A Model [Rowman & Littlefield, 1984].

Founding Editor of Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies (1982-2011), General Editor, Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies (New Series) (2010-2011).

Contact Information:

University Hall 3614
Phone: 310-338-7384