Sr. Mary Elizabeth Ingham, C.S.J.

Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Ingham, C.S.J.Ph.D., Universite de Fribourg, Switzerland

Specialties: History of Medieval Philosophy, Franciscan Tradition, John Duns Scotus

Special Interests: Stoicism and its influence on Medieval Philosophy; Franciscan spiritual tradition and its influence on Scotus and others

Current Projects: Quadruple Congress: Celebration of the 7th centenary of Scotus’s death: upcoming conferences in Oxford, Bonn and Strassbourg; Kenan Osborne OFM Visiting Chair of Franciscan Studies, Franciscan School of Theology, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA (2008-2009 academic year)

Selected Publications:


The Philosophical Vision of John Duns Scotus: An Introduction [Washington, 2004].

Johannes Duns Scotus [Munster: 2006].

La Sagesse Morale: Le Stoicisme au Moyen Age [Paris/Fribourg: 2007].


“La genese de la volonte rationnelle: du Lectura au Reportatio II, d. 25,” Duns Scot a Paris 1302-2002, ed. Olivier Bolnois [Brepols, 2004], 409-424.

“The Birth of the Rational Will: Duns Scotus and the Quaestiones super libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis, Book IX, q. 15,” Medioevo 30 (2005), 139-170.

“And my delight is to be with the children of men (Prov. 8:31): Duns Scotus, Divine Delight and Franciscan Evangelical Life,” Franciscan Studies 64 (2006), 337-362.

“Fides quaerens intellectum: John Duns Scotus, Philosophy and Prayer,” Franciscans at Prayer, ed. Timothy J. Johnson [Leiden: Brill, 2007], 167-191.

“Self-Mastery and Rational Freedom: Duns Scotus’s Contribution to the Usus Pauper Debate,” Franciscan Studies, forthcoming, 2008.

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