Gretchen Gusich

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Gretchen GusichPh.D., The Catholic University of America, 2005

Specialties: Phenomenology (Husserl)

Special Interests: The intersection of philosophy and literature, esp. phenomenology and literature

Current Projects: A reworking of Husserl's account of sedimentation vis-a-vis Gadamerian prejudice; the role of belief in Husserl's account of judgment.


"A Phenomenology of Emotional Trauma: Around and About the Things Themselves," Human Studies 35 (2012): 505-18.

“John Steinbeck’s Log from the ‘Sea of Cortez’: One of Husserl’s Infinite Tasks?”, Analecta Husserliana 106 (2010): 83-96.

"Revisiting Steinbeck's Littoral Phenomenology: Husserlian Elements in The Log from the 'Sea of Cortez'," Analecta Husserliana 109 (2011): 309-18.

Review of Husserl, by David Woodruff Smith, Teaching Philosophy 34:1 (March 2011): 81-85.

Contact Information:

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Phone: 310.338.7381