Loyola Marymount University


Department of Economics

2009-2010 Seminar Series


Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars take place from 4:30 – 5:45 PM in the McIntosh Center on the third floor of University Hall (UNH 3999).


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For more information, contact Prof. Andrew Healy at ahealy at lmu dot edu.







October 1

Jennifer Pate


Internet Auctions and Frictionless Commerce: Evidence from the Retail Gift Card Market

McIntosh Center

October 13

Pascaline Dupas


Short-Run Subsidies and Long-Term Adoption of New Health Products: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Hilton 300 ABCD

November 3

Miriam Golden


Criminality and Malfeasance Among National Legislators in Contemporary India


McIntosh Center

November 10

James Devine


The Great Moderation and “Falling Off a Cliff”: Neo-Kaldorian Dynamics.


McIntosh Center

December 1

James Fowler


Cooperative Behaviour Cascades in Human Social Networks 

McIntosh Center

December 8

Homa Zarghamee

Santa Clara University

Happiness and Myopia: Evidence from a Random- Assignment Experiment

ECC 1857

February 2

Daniel Treisman


Russian Politics in a Time of Economic Turmoil

McIntosh Center

February 4


Samuel Fleischacker

University of Illinois at Chicago

Justice Over Charity: Some Dangers of Faith-Based Aid to the Poor.

McIntosh Center

February 9

Don Saari

(Presented by the Math Department)

University of California Irvine

All Disciplines Rely on Decisions, but Are They Appropriate?


February 16

Fernando Lozano

Pomona College

The Flexibility of the Workweek in the United States: Evidence from the FIFA World Cup

McIntosh Center

February 18

Arsen Tleppayev

Kazakh National University


Fulbright Visiting Scholar, University of Kansas


ECC 1857

March 23

Nicholas Shunda

University of Redlands

Contests with Sore Losers

McIntosh Center

April 6

Jennifer Merolla



Jennifer Ramos

Claremont Graduate University




Engage Abroad, Protect at Home

McIntosh Center

April 13

Roman Sheremeta

Chapman University

Sequential versus Simultaneous Election Contests: An Experimental Study.

McIntosh Center