The LMU Experimental Economics Lab (LEEL) is open to all faculty members of LMU's Economics Department, authorized students in collaboration with LMU Economics faculty members, and authorized researchers. If you are interested in collaborating with one of our faculty members and in using the lab, please contact the Lab Director, Dr. Dorothea Herreiner. For assistance with any lab-related activity contact our Lab Assistant, Chukwuma Nze.

Use of the lab is for experiments only. Experiments in the lab can be paid or unpaid, for research or teaching purposes, pen-and-paper, computer, or video based, and of interactive or survey nature.
All activities in the lab (including testing) need to be reserved through the online recruitment system (ORSEE). Reservations are generally made on a first-come-first-served basis, but may have to be coordinated. To obtain access to ORSEE or if you have any questions about lab reservations, contact the Lab Director.

All experiments or surveys in the lab need to have received approval (or have been granted an exemption) by LMU's Institutional Review Board. The use of deception in experiments is not allowed. Experiments by individuals who are not LMU Economics faculty members need to be authorized by the Lab Director.

The use of new software or additional hardware has to be approved by the Lab Director, and is possible only if there are no conflicts with the existing setup and if the necessary computing power, time, and personnel for testing and installation is available. Such new software or additional hardware may only be installed in collaboration with the Lab Director or Lab Assistant. Experimenters may use only licensed commercial, freeware, shareware, or open source software; in particular, each experimenter has to obtain his/her own license for the installed ZTree software. All files used on any computer in the lab have to be free of viruses, malware, etc. The setup of ZTree, NetSupport or web browsers may not be changed without prior approval by the Lab Director.
The use of ORSEE and if applicable ZTree or any other software has to be acknowledged in any publication based on experiments in LMU's Experimental Economics Lab (LEEL) - in accordance with the respective licenses. Publications based on experiments in the lab have to be communicated to the Lab Director; they will be mentioned on LEEL's research page.

Off-site experiments involving some or all lab equipment have to be coordinated with the the Lab Director in advance; lab reservations for such experiments have to include an additional hour before and after the experiment. The lab has to be left in clean and tidy state with either all laptops on the desks or all laptops in the carts (charging) after each experiment (check with the Lab Assistant). Food or drinks are not allowed in the lab under any circumstances.
Any kind of problem has to be communicated to the Lab Director immediately.
Removal of any hardware from the lab on a temporary or permanent basis and removal of any software has to be authorized by the Lab Director.

Use of the lab implies acceptance of these rules.

Last Updated March 2008.


For questions, please contact:

e-mail: econlab@lmu.edu

Phone: +1 (310) 338 2333

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