A selection of experimental economics papers written by members of the department and individuals affiliated with the department and lab:

Working Papers

Cassar, Alexandra, Healy, Andrew, von Kessler, Carl (2011), "Trust, Risk, and Time Preferences After a Natural Disaster: Experimental Evidence from Thailand".

Cappelen, Alexander, Konow, James, Sørensen, Erik, Tungodden, Bertil (2011), "Just Luck: An Experimental Study of Risk Taking and Fairness". [paper]

Herreiner, Dorothea K. (2009), "Do Intentions Matter for Empowerment? Procedural Justice in Simple Bargaining Games". [paper]

Herreiner, Dorothea K., Yamauchi, Nikki (2009), "What Makes Randomness Fair?". [paper]

Konow, James, Saijo, Tatsuyoshi, Akai, Kenju (2009), "Morals and Mores: Experimental Evidence on Equity and Equality". [paper]

Konow, James (2008), "The Moral High Ground: An Experimental Study of Spectator Impartiality". [paper]


Croson, Rachel, Konow, James (2009), "Social Preferences and Moral Biases", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 69/3, 201-212. [paper]

Datta, Shakun, Pate, Jennifer (2009), "An Experimental Examination of Competitor-Based Price Matching Guarantees", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 70, 342-360. [paper]

Healy, Andrew, Pate, Jennifer (2011), "Can Teams Help to Close the Gender Competition Gap?", The Economic Journal, doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0297.2010.02409.x [paper]

Healy, Andrew (2009), "How Effectively Do People Learn from a Variety of Different Opinions?", Experimental Economics, vol. 12, no. 4 (December), pp. 386-416. [paper]

Herreiner, Dorothea K., Puppe, Clemens (2010), "Inequality Aversion and Efficiency with Ordinal and Cardinal Social Preference – An Experimental Study", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 76/2, 238-253. [paper]

Herreiner, Dorothea K., Puppe, Clemens (2009), "Envy Freeness in Experimental Fair Division Problems", Theory and Decision. 67/1, 65-100. [paper] 

Herreiner, Dorothea K., Puppe, Clemens (2007), "Distributing Indivisible Goods Fairly: Evidence from a Questionnaire Study", Analyse und Kritik, 29/2, pp. 235-258. [paper]  

Konow, James (2010). “Mixed Feelings: Theories of and Evidence on Giving”, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 94, nos. 3-4 (April), pp. 279-297. [paper] 

Konow, James (2009), "Is Fairness in the Eye of the Beholder? An Impartial Spectator Analysis of Justice", Social Choice and Welfare, 33/1, 101-127. [paper]

Konow, James, Earley, Joseph (2008), "The Hedonistic Paradox: Is Homo Economicus Happier?", Journal of Public Economics, 92/1-2, 1-33. [paper]

Konow, James (2000). "Fair Shares: Accountability and Cognitive Dissonance in Allocation Decisions", American Economic Review, vol. 90, no. 4 (September), pp. 1072-1091. [paper]

Nincic, Miroslav, Ramos, Jennifer M (2011), "Torture in the Public Mind", International Studies Perspectives, vol. 12, no. 3 (August), pp. 231-249. [paper]

Honors Theses

Gosnell, Greer (May 2011), “Politically Desirable Climate Policy in the United States: Reducing Domestic Energy Consumption Using Non-Monetary Incentives"

Yamauchi, Nikki S. (Feb 2009), "Procedural Fairness in Simple Bargaining Games".

Villela, Chris (Apr 2008), "The Volunteer's Dilemma: Rewarding the Volunteer".

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